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< Internationaler Motorenkongress 2015 am 24. und 25.02.2015 in Baden-Baden
18.03.2015 13:05 Age: 4 yrs

International Engine Congress 2015 on 24 and 25 February 2015 Baden-Baden

Our Cross-Charger® - turbo by wire - enables to realize the huge potential of downsizing engines - that is what our CEO Dr.-Ing. Holger Gödeke demonstrated to the experts at this congress.



Presentation on our Cross-Charger

Presentation on our Cross-Charger

A congress jointly developed by ATZlive and VDI Wissensforum

A congress jointly developed by ATZlive and VDI Wissensforum

Possibility to get in touch with other experts

Accompanying exhibition

Co-author of this presentation was again Kurt Prevedel from AVL List GmbH, Graz/Austria.

In addition we presented our Cross-Charger® prototype in the accompanying exhibition. 

This congress jointly developed by the leading organizers of automotive congresses in the German speaking region, ATZlive and VDI Wissensforum, offered 60 presentations with speakers from all over the world about current topics for the conventional engine in passenger cars.

Many thanks to all interested visitors of our presentation and our booth at the exhibition!

The exchange with experts again was very interesting.

Special thanks go to the organisers!

Further information:[event_nr]=01KO826015&L=1

Here the abstract of Dr.-Ing. Holger Gödeke's presentation:

Downsizing and downspeeding in conjunction with turbocharging, direct injection and variable valve control are the essential established measures to achieve the required CO2 limits. The charging system plays a key role in realizing the energy saving potential. The major problem of all turbo charged combustion engines is their delayed response regarding the mean effective pressure buildup at low rpm. The most efficient way to improve the dynamic behavior of turbo charged engines is to feed the system temporally with auxiliary power at a certain time.

In this paper the basics of a new hybrid charging system Cross-Charger® are explained, which is a derivative of an electric assisted turbocharger (ea-TC). For the Cross-Charger® the essential and in many years approved components of a conventional turbocharger are used. The presented airgap motor is a constituent part of the compressor. The short electric assistance caused by the Cross-Charger® leads to a severe improvement of the mean effective pressure buildup. The achieved torque gradient of a turbocharged combustion engine is improved by 2.5 in comparison to a standard TC without an airgap motor.